Helix-D Ingredients


Keeping ingredients 100% Potent

Your current skin care might be 100% potent when packed, but can quickly deteriorate the longer it sits on the shelf, even expensive products can end up virtually worthless.

Solution: Dual liposomes technology.

With its groundbreaking dual liposome technology, Helix-D protects the full potency of its actives until they come in contact with the skin. Tests prove the difference. When tested after 3 months, dual liposomes were proven to keep Helix-D actives at full strength over 155% stronger than the same actives in a cream.


Major brands always tout the newest active ingredient as the key to their product's success. The problem is, ingredients don't work if they can't penetrate the skin.

You can see that the conventional actives carriers act only on surface of the skin, whereas Helix-D carriers using its unique Low Polar Friction-Free Delivery System "L.F.D.S" technology passes through the cellular lipids into the deep coLayers of the skin and delivers the actives to help improve and repair the damaged areas of the skin.

Tests prove NWT allows the actives in Helix D to penetrate the skin better than the same actives in a conventional cream and sets the stage for impressive anti-aging results.


Even when ingredients are able to penetrate the skin, there is the problem of delivery. Active ingredients must avoid being neutralized by the skin's natural defense mechanisms in order to reach damaged cells where they are needed to reverse the signs of aging.

The Double Helix-D Delivery System (DHDS) protects active ingredients from being neutralized by the skin's natural defense mechanisms and, using the same technology pharmaceutical companies use to provide time-release delivery, DHDS releases the actives in multiple stages, exactly where they are needed to effectively treat your skin.

Finally, our Helix-D formula contains a blend of the most powerful, cutting-edge ingredients available today Three collagen-building, 100% certified matrikines for improving skin elasticity and skin tone.

  • Power peptides to ease the appearance of deep wrinkles, fill fine lines, and smooth the skin surface.

  • Strong collagen-protecting anti-oxidants to fight free radicals, allow the skin to rebuild itself, and protect the skin from the signs of aging.

  • Strong collagen-nourishing super-hydrators to draw and hold extra water in skin like moisture magnets, even in sun-baked climates or harsh, skin-drying winter weather.

Helix-D establish the new benchmark for 21st Century skincare.

Our USA based Helix-D team collaborated with scientists and technology experts from around the globe to create a revolutionary skincare product that sets new standards in the beauty world. Helix-D is "The Science of Beauty" that establishes a benchmark for 21st Century skincare.

An elegant and economical full facial solution to ease the signs of skin aging, Helix-D is a true skincare technology breakthrough that includes patented and innovative delivery systems that advance the art and science of correcting visible skin imperfections caused by aging and damage.