DIVINUS SHEFA CORP.’s Merchant Team is highly attuned to the cultural and social uniqueness of each of its market. This is achieved through full immersion and true understanding of the needs and desires of the customer base in the Philippines. This in-depth understanding of even the most salient differences in this market is the key in our ability to orchestrate the products we introduce. Careful consideration and study compel us to curate excellent-quality products that are innovative, unique, desirable, and are above and beyond trends. Our expertise in achieving the delicate balance of superior product offering and pricing results in successful relationships with our retail partners and our customers. We offer our brand partners unparalleled access while continuing to build on their brand’s equity by honoring and maintaining its exclusivity and overall positioning in the global marketplace.

Mission Statement

DIVINUS SHEFA CORP.’s mission is to offer our retail partners the best assortment of luxury products and prestige brands that we are truly passionate about and more importantly, what our markets need. DIVINUS SHEFA CORP. team is comprised of visionary entrepreneurs who are experts in the field of sales, marketing, merchandising, inventory management, distribution and logistics. Integrity is the guiding principle of our organization. We believe in fair and respectful business practices. We apply these principles as we open new doors to amazing retail partnerships here in the Philippines.