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November 14, 2015
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December 2, 2015
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Is Marula Oil the New Best Thing in Beauty?

November 20, 2015 – MNL, Philippines – An emerging trend is making its way to the shelves of SM; and word on the street is that it comes all the way from Africa.

It’s called Marula Oil, and it comes from Africa. The tree of the Marula Fruit grows a plenty in the harsh conditions and gives rise to one of the most delicate yet effective materials known to man.


It comes with a larger concentration of anti-oxidants compared to extracts from coconuts and jojoba leaves, taking the number one spot instantly. It’s also rich in Omega acids that you usually find in seafood. That makes it easy to absorb and less sticky on the face.

This makes it the ideal facial care oil. It can be applied as many times as necessary, ensuring continued care and protection. After being absorbed by the skin, it leaves a nice, thin and protective sheet that keeps out dirt and other elements that might find their way into the pores.

With Fast Beauty becoming more and more of a general idea, more and more beauty product manufacturers are rushing to find the “next best thing”. In this case, Marula oil is definitely a top contender.

It is all about skin care that works immediately, without the weeks and the months of waiting for treatments to take effect. The confidence and success that comes with beauty is available to you NOW. No more weeks and months before results! Read how you can become beautiful right this instant here.

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